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Stuart Group Ltd | Generators, pumps and dewatering services.

COVID-19 Update:


Until we are informed otherwise, we aim to keep our offices open and maintain business as usual. We have full access to our depot network enabling us to provide our usual level of service.

As a business, we have already a Business Continuity Plan in place, which has been recently reviewed after the COVID-19 outbreak. Due to this, we are aware of the alterations we may need to make within our working practices and / or location so that we can continue to function as a business and provide our customers with a continued high level of service.

Should you wish to visit Stuart Group, we ask if you’ve had symptoms within the last 14 days not to and we will rearrange a suitable appointment. Alternatively, if you wish to view our equipment and cannot make it to one of our depots, please email or call our sales team and we can happily arrange videos and / or photographs to be taken and send via digital means.

Many thanks for your understanding, if you require any further information please call.

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