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Used Borehole Water Pumps

Stuart Pumps Ltd provides stock of used borehole pumps from manufacturers such as Caprari, KSB, British Pleuger and Beresford. These pumps have previously been used by Stuart Group Ltd and are now surplus to requirements.

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British Pleuger 6" Borehole Pump £4,500

British Pleuger Borehole Pump
British Pleuger 3 stage pump. 150mm / 6" Pump 75 HP. Motor No. 283999

British Pleuger 6" Borehole Pump£4,500

British Pleuger Borehole Pump

British Pleuger 3 stage pump. 150mm / 6" Pump 75 kW. Motor No. 13125840

Hayward Tyler 4" Borehole Pump£3,500

Hayward Tyler Borehole Pump

Hayward Tyler 3 stage pump. 100mm
/ 4" BSP - 30HP

Hayward Tyler 4" Borehole Pump £4,000

Hayward Tyler Borehole Pump

Hayward Tyler 7 stage pump. Flange outlet 100mm / 4" Pump 75HP

Caprari Borehole Pump£1,000

Caprari Borehole Pump

Caprari E10S55/1B 15 kW 1 stage Pump. Model No. 23661460

Hayward Tyler 6" Borehole Pump £4,500

Hayward Tyler Borehole Pump

Hayward Tyler (Sumo) 3 stage . 150mm / 6" BSP Pump 75HP. Motor UEB3 C1 9080058A.

New - Umbra Pompe Borehole Pump Range


The Eurojet pump can be used in domestic, industrial and agricultural applications. It is suitable for pumping potable water and water containing up to 60 gr/m³ of suspended solids. The Eurojet has a 304 stainless steel body, strainer, motor and support brackets and Noryl diffusers and impellers. Each pump stage is fitted with a 304 stainless steel ring for enhanced wear resistance. 1" BSP Outlet, will fit into 100mm well liner. Includes 20 metres of cable. View data sheet for more information.

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Model Outlet kW Voltage Price
Eurojet (Manual) 1" 0.55 230 £225
Eurojet (Automatic) 1" 0.55 230 £235
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SOLD CRI S4S8/10 4" Borehole Pump

CRI 4" diameter series borehole pump made from corrosion resistant stainless steel. With built in check valve suitable for domestic and civil water supply, irrigation, fountains, industrial and rural water supply, fire fighting units, pressure boosting units, ponds, gardens and sprinkler systems.
This pumps is new, unused and was only removed from packaging for photos.
Max Flow: 3.25 l/sec - Max Head: 60 mtrs - Outlet: 2"/50mm

SOLD KSB 4" Borehole Pump

KSB 5 stage, 415V, 42.4A borehole pump with 4" BSP outlet. Length 1810mm. Outlet Flange OD 200mm ID 80mm

SOLD Beresford 4" Borehole Pump

Beresford 3 stage, bronze pump with 4" BSP outlet. Length 11750mm . Motor No. 18601325

New Caprari Borehole Pumps

caprari bore hole pumps

New Borehole Pumps

New Borehole Pumps

Custom pumps built to order to any requirments

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