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Trade Price Generators And Pumps Sold as Seen

Are you looking for items fit for a project?

We often have items either left over from a project or items which are no longer of use
We can sell these items on for a fraction of the price found on other auction type sites.

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Cummins Wartsila Gas Generator 1980kVA – XP15004£40,000

Cummins Wartsila Gas Generator 1980kVA – XP15004

1980kVA / 1603kW Cummins Wartsila Gas Generator

Cummins Wartsila CW91-G Engine.

Stamford CG I734H2 Alternator, 415/240 Volts, 2752 Amps, 50Hz


Control Panel
Not Present

Offered As Spares Or Repairs.

Various Parts missing. Been used to maintain the sites main sets, previously N+1 setup.

Viewing Highly Advised.

For more information, please click on Data Sheet or contact our team.

Selwood S150£4,590


Used Selwood S150 end suction pump with 6” female Bauer suction and 6” male Bauer delivery branches.

Long coupled to a radiator cooled, electric start diesel engine mounted in a full box sound attenuated canopy reducing sound levels to <62dBA at 7m.

The set also included 110% bunded chassis integral fuel tank, central lifting eye and forklift pockets.

Suitable for waste water containing a maximum 100mm solid in suspension.

The pump is if fitted with Selwood’s diaphragm automatic self-priming system allowing for dry suction lifts of up to 8.5m though 6m or less is recommended.

Sold “as seen” unchecked, tested or serviced. Full pictures available upon request but it is recommended where possible the sets are view prior to purchase, Sets available for viewing at our head offices Shropham, Norfolk.


Max flow: 320m³/h
Max head: 21.3m

Selwood Hydraulic Power pack From £1,450

Selwood Hydraulic Power pack

Used Selwood Hydraulic power pack with Hatz air cooled, silent pack diesel engine mounted on a site trolley with chassis integral fuel tank and central lifting eye.

These sets are sold with running engines but untested.

No warranty


2No Hatz 2L41C engine units 4-wheel site tow - £1750

1No Hatz 1D81C engine unit 2-wheel trolley - £1450

Liquidator GSP340DAs seen £4,750

Liquidator GSP340D

Used Liquidator GSP340 pump with 6” female Bauer suction and 6” male Bauer delivery branches. Long coupled to a radiator cooled, electric start diesel engine mounted in a sound attenuated canopy.

Units sold “as seen” with no warranty but engines will be un-seized and able to start.

3 units available.

Selwood S150 £1,250

Selwood S150

Selwood S150 pump complete with 6 inch female Bauer inlet and 6 inch male Bauer outlet branches. Producing a max flow of 320m3/h and a maximum head to 21.3m.

Primax CD100 Pump£1,500

SLD Primax CD100 pump

Primax CD100 pump, powered by a 2 cylinder Duetz engine (we have the side panels for the engine) Mounted on a 2 wheel chassis fuel tank.

SLD Primax 150mm Pump£1,750

SLD Primax 150mm pump powered by a Hatz air cooled electric start engine, on a 2 wheel trolly.

Labour 2" x 1 1/2 chemical Pump £1,950

Labour 2" x 1 1/2 chemical pump lang coupled to a TEFC 3.7kW EM (to be overhauled) mounted to a bed plate.

Complete HL4 high head pump£2,000

Complete HL4 high head pump

Complete HL4 high head pump with a Dutys 5FL air cooled engine, This pump is "scruffy" however all parts are available and if required we can help source parts.

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