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Joint Venture

We offer a unique service to the owner of contaminated land. The costs of a remediation can be offset against the value of the land until validation and the removal of planning conditions allow the sale.

We are committed to joint partnerships...

We are happy to enter into joint venture partnerships. As with all partnerships, the terms of it need to be carefully compiled to ensure that all parties continue to understand their commitments. Typically a company vehicle is formed with each partner receiving a shareholding relative to the amount of commitment or value that they are putting into the venture.

We like keeping it simple...

It is this commitment that dictates the shareholding appropriate for each partner, so assuming a land value is agreed of say £1,000,000 when remediated and remediation costs are assessed to be £500,000 then an even shareholding of 50% would be issued and cashed in at the point of sale of the land. These figures are, of course only a guide. Each individual opportunity is carefully calculated to ensure that neither partner gains or loses more than their input value.


We offer a comprehensive remediation package from the intial investigation through to the validation sign off and some of the intermediate parts.

We pride ourselves on being different...

Probably the most important decision a landowner can make when confronted with contamination issues is...

"Who will give me a site fit for purpose, on budget and to my timetable?"

Of course on the surface every contractor will say "We can do it" and it isn't until the bitter taste of either higher than anticipated costs of remediation or solicitors fees that it becomes apparent not every contractor can provide those three simple points.

We, on the other hand, are different. The company prides itself on meeting these targets.

We understand all the neccessary requirements...

Understanding the requirements of any work is important. However, understanding the conditions of your planning consent, the remediation strategy, what the Environment Agency want and what you as a client expect are crucial to its success. As landowners ourselves we are well placed to understand how painful the whole process can be.

We work to budget every time...

With over 25 years experience of contaminated land with highly skilled and motivated staff, we have technology that other contractors utilise to satisfy their clients needs. We have a huge range of plant and equipment to enable our works to proceed without fuss. The company can satisfy the needs of the regulatory authorities, providing all risk lump sum prices ensuring we work 'to budget' every time!

We keep to timescales...

Working to a program of works is crucial to a successful remediation. Regular meetings between client and contractor are invaluable, not only for update purposes, but to build confidence at every stage of the process. As we all know some unforseen problems on site can create delays and the knock-on effect to other trades can be catastrophic. Only those contractors with the experience and back up of both plant and support staff can hope to maintain program.

Buying or Selling?

We offer to purchase contaminated land across the UK to land owners who wish to dispose of potential liabilities with no fuss.

We make it simple...

Buying land can be an enormous risk particularly when purchasing brownfield land. Much of the site investigation can be at best patchy and often insufficient to make a reasonable judgement. We have, for many years, produced brownfield sites that meet the requirements laid out for redevelopments. Our experience of bringing particularly difficult and complex sites back to life makes, either buying from us or allowing us to assist you in your purchase, the most simplest of tasks.

We carefully manage your redevelopment...

Selling your land can be a laborious, thankless and a downright difficult proposition. Particularly if you have a limited experience of doing so. We, at Brownfield Asset Developments, have spent many years in this field and can bring many experienced and skilled staff to assist you through the minefield that is brownfield redevelopment. It doesn't always mean that a costly remediation is required. Often careful management of the site works can lead to a successful sign off.

We will buy from you directly...

We, of course, will be pleased to investigate the possibility of purchasing from you directly and removing your obligations under part 2A of the Environmental Protection Act. We will be happy to discuss the downside, as well as the many benefits of pursuing this option.

Other Services


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