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Chemical & Seawater Submersibles

Stainless steel or titanium submersible pumps designed to handle light chemicals or seawater.

Mizar/s , Arvex/s
316 Stainless steel 110v, 230v, or 400v

Constructed from 316 grade (1.4401) pressed stainless steel, with silicon carbide mechanical seal, Viton rubber elastomers and PVC power cable.

Tsurumi Pumps

Tsurumi 50TMTsurumi

Constructed from Titanium and thermoplastic with neoprene power cable along with silicon carbide mechanical seals. Tsurumi pump comes with manufactures 3 year warranty.

Tsurumi 80SFQTsurumi

All wetted parts are in 316 grade (1.4436) cast stainless steel with double mechanical seal silicon carbide0silicon carbide and Viton rubber elastomers. Tsurumi pump comes with manufactures 3 year warranty.

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