Joint Venture

We offer a unique service to the owner of contaminated land. The costs of a remediation can be offset against the value of the land until validation and the removal of planning conditions allow the sale. Find out more


We offer a comprehensive remediation package from the intial investigation through to the validation sign off and some of the intermediate parts. Find out more

Buying or Selling?

We offer to purchase contaminated land across the UK to land owners who wish to dispose of potential liabilities with no fuss. Find out more

Other Services


We can assist you in large number of remediation services. Please follow the link to find a list of the different services we can offer. Find out more

Remdiation Technologies

We offer turn-key solutions to alter the difficult and complex sites, the need for a range of remedial options is ever more apparent. Find out more

Contaminated Land

We can provide you with skilled, knowledgeable and effective remediation design and implementation to deal with contaminated land. Find out more

Statutory Treatment Licenses

We can provide you with all the necessary mobile treatment and waste carriers licenses to suit your projects requirements. Find out more

Brownfield Land

Government requirements state that 60% of all new homes should be built on brownfield land. This makes brownfield land an important part of this countries future. Find out more

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