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Statutory Treatment Licenses

  • Mobile Treatment License
    1. Water Treatment
    2. Air Sparging
    3. Bioremediation (In-situ and Ex-situ)
    4. Biosparging
    5. Bioventing
    6. Chemical Treatment (including Oxidation, Dehalogenation)
    7. Soil Vapour Extraction (including Dual Phase SVE)
    8. Soil Flushing (including Steam Injection)
    9. Soil Washing
    10. Solidification
    11. Stabilisation
    12. Thermal Treatment (including Thermal Desorption and Steam Injection)
  • ...and treatment plant for blending, mixing, bulking, screening, shredding, particle size reduction and/or particle seperation in order to facilitate remedial action.

  • Waste Carriers License
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