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Monitoring and Sampling

Air Sparging

We are able to offer a service to review the data from installed wells and submit proposals as to the most effective in both cost and resources to obtain water samples.

Groundwater Monitoring and Sampling

Obtaining groundwater samples from monitoring wells involves the need for equipment and operatives and often suitable vehicles for off road locations. We are able to offer a service to review the data from the installed wells and submit proposals as to the most effective both in costs and resources to obtain water samples.

Dependent upon the depth and diameter of the wells installed we are able to obtain water samples from depths in excess of 100 metres. On long term sampling regimes we have also installed and maintained groundwater pumps to obtain water samples. These dedicated systems may initially appear expensive but after 3 to 4 rounds of sampling the cost savings in labour far out way the set up costs for the equipment.

There is also the considerable benefit in knowing that the risk of cross contamination between boreholes can not occur as with portable systems despite the best cleaning regimes between sampling individual wells.

We have access to specialist pumps, especially the Grundfos MP1 pump that is manufactured from 316 stainless steel with Teflon washers to increase the chemical resistance of the pump. An additional major advantage is that the pump is only 48mm in diameter so will locate within a standard 50mm monitoring well.

Whale 12 Volt Submersible Pumps

Ground Water Purging and Sampling Pumps.

Submersible pumps which provide flow rates and control needed to purge
and sample ground water from boreholes at depths of up to 27 metres.

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For more information on the Whale 12V submersible pumps, please Contact Stuart Well Services.

We also provide larger new or used submersible pumps and new or used borehole pumps.

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