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Groundwater Control and Dewatering

Well Pointing

Wellpoints are essentially shallow wells which offer an economical and effective method of groundwater control. Our wellpoints have the advantage of being able to be installed in most ground conditions as well as being easy to maintain.

Deep Wells

Deep well systems consist of an array of bored wells pumped by submersible pumps. The wells act in concert - the interaction between the cone of drawdown created by each well results in groundwater lowering over a wide area.


Ejector pumping utilises the "venturi effect" in water as the pumping mechanism. A volume of water at high pressure provides the motive force at the eductor body which incorporates the venturi mechanism, this system is particularly suitable to low-flow pumping systems.

Pump Testing

We are able to undertake test pumping of water wells in accordance with the Code of Practice for Test Pumping of Water Wells, BS ISO 14686:2003.

Borehole Decommissioning

As well as installing water wells we are also able to undertake decommissioning of boreholes in accordance with the Environment Agency Guide Lines. We have successfully decommissioned wells on brown field sites prior to redevelopment.

Groundwater Monitoring and Sampling

Obtaining groundwater samples from monitoring wells involves the need for equipment and operatives and often suitable vehicles for off road locations. We are able to offer a service to undertake these works.

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