Dredge Pumps


Dredge Pump Hire Rates

Dredge pump rental from Toyo style and Grindex. Ideal for heavy and abrasive slurries. Quarrying and mining applications.

All prices are based on one week rental.

Size Description Price
4" (100mm) Grindex Semi with standard starter. £300.00
3" (75mm) RD2110 (4kW) £230.00
4" (100mm) RD-430 DO-T (7.5kW) £300.00
6/8" Toyo style DP50(B)-6/8 (37kW) with auto transformer standard. £500.00

Dredger Hire

The all new dredger with upgraded pumping system fitted for increased production.
Available for: Hire / Contract / Charter / Dayworks.

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