The All New SafeGenTM Now Only £10,950.002 in stock

Protect your Generator and fuel from theft.


What's so special about the SafeGenTM ?

The SafeGenTM is a 3m ISO container, which provides protection of the generator from theft, vandalism and unauthorised access. It includes a bunded fuel tank of 2000 litres, with an extended running period in excess of 7 days for most models of generators. The majority of models up to 55 kVA (Standby) can be included at additional cost.

Keeping your generator safe and secure

Keeping your generator safe and secure
With 4 lockable door bars, a heavy duty lock box, adjustable cable exits with securing pins and cable clamps this product represents a breakthrough in genset security.
We have also included a heavy duty grill fitted within the fill and vent pipes to prevent theft of your fuel.

Why is it so easy to use?

 easy to use

The container includes base fork lift pockets to ensure movement and placement of the unit, empty or loaded, is straight forward. The interior includes a platform fitted with securing points for the generator.
This platform can be removed from the container to ensure placement of the generator inside becomes much easier.

Bunded Fuel Tank

Bunded Fuel Tank
The 2000 litre bunded fuel tank has an extended running period in excess of 7 days for most models of generators, up to 88 kVA.

The Running Time Guide is available here.

Fuel Gauge

Fuel Gauge
As the fuel level changes, the float follows that change and uses a mechanical coupling to transfer that motion through to the level indicator dial.
The Fuel Gauge is completely sealed so there is no risk of the tank contents leaking through the gauge header.

Terms and Conditions

All sound levels are for information only and are subject to variation unless full design is required which will include the exhaust silencer system supply.
All prices subject to VAT at rate ruling at date of invoice.
All prices offered are exworks.
Annual volume discounts available.
Special build on request may attract engineering costs.
All subject to our Standard Terms and Conditions of Rental/Sale/Contract.

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