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FQ Series Hybrid Lighting Towers

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FQ Series Hybrid Lighting Tower

The FQ Series Lighting Tower offers economical instant light with no start delay. Around 10 hours of run time from 2.5 hours worth of charging. Suitable for indoor use in battery mode.

  • 4 x 115 W LED projectors (total power 460W)
  • Manual head fit
  • Electric tilt (available as option)
  • Hydraulic mast of galvanised steel
  • Deployment time: 15 seconds
  • 350° mast rotation with brake
  • Automatic lowering when parking break is deactived
  • Galvanized steel soundproofing canopy
  • Liquids bunding
  • Oil extraction pump
  • Tropicalized radiator with electric fan
  • 4 adjustable deploying stabilizers
  • Road trailer
  • Fix drawbar (adjustable drawbar available as option)
  • Standard 13" tyres (17" tyres available for off-road applications)
  • Battery isolator switch
  • 1 x 16A socket 230V
  • 1 x mains plug 16A
  • Kit units control (available as option)
  • Noise level: 63 dB(A)@7m

Buy for £14,150.00 each (excluding VAT)

Hire Rates

Rates start at £225 per week

Hire rates are calculated based on the type of application and timescale of project, to get a quote please fill in the form below:

Hybrid Lighting Tower Hire Form

Alternatively you can call us on 0845 6421662 (freephone - UK only).
Terms and Conditions available upon request.

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