ARE YOU LOOKING FOR ECO FRIENDLY ALTERNATIVES? When it comes to on the go power...

By integrating renewable energy sources into a site infrastructure Stuart Group's hybrid power generators can reduce diesel fuel expediency, cut noise and air pollution as well as green house gas emissions. Additional benefits include the ability to provide silent power at specific periods, during night operation for example. These units also offer a reduction in service and maintenance visits plus refuelling activities on site, aided by reduced operational generator running hours. The Plant Hire, Construction and Infrastructure industries have a unique opportunity to contribute to carbon emission reduction and integrate hybrid power technology. Inefficient generator use is common on construction sites in the UK, traditionally the same generator that supplies high daytime loads is also left running to provide lower overnight loads.

Generators run less efficiently at very low loads as engines are unable to produce the same number of kWh of energy per litre of fuel when delivering power outputs of less that 25% of their generating capacity. This burns litres of fuel unnecessarily. Generators consume a baseline of fuel, even if they are delivering no power. Running at very low loads can cause damage and reduce the life of the generator . With an ever increasingly volatile energy market, continuous fuel cost rises and conscious efforts to lower demanding diesel emissions into the environment, our renewable and efficient power systems provide the ideal solution, with an added bonus that these systems which can also be integrated with solar and wind give provision to a wide range of functions, be it builders site, office power, your home or business. You save money! reduce your carbon footprint and also footprint taxations you could overwise pay for when using just fossil fuels for temporary power.

Reduced fuel cost from your electrical generator.

  • Lower noise levels from your generator in built up areas.
  • Cut air pollution from your generator.
  • Less green house gases, reducing the carbon footprint from your generator
  • Reduction in the maintenance of your generator set.
  • Longer life from your prime or backup system, less need to buy a new generator replacement or lots of parts.


  • Base Load Management
  • UPS
  • Off Grid Power
  • Cabins
  • Welfare
  • Security and CCTV
  • Lighting
  • Refrigeration
  • IT and Medical Equipment
  • Communications
  • Water Pumping


  • Up to 24 kVA 240 V 50 Hz continuous output
  • 72 kVA peak output (5 seconds)
  • 48 kWh usable stored energy
  • IP54 rated
  • Rental specification
  • Backup or stand-alone operation
  • Remote generator start
  • Lifting Ring & Forklift Pockets
  • Compact Design
  • Pure Sine Wave Output
  • One Piece Lift Canopy
  • Easy Access For Maintenance
  • Bus Bar For Hard Wiring
  • RCD/MCB Protection


  • Reduce diesel fuel consumption
  • Reduce diesel generator runtime
  • Reduce diesel generator maintenance
  • Reduce CO₂ and NOx emissions
  • Provides backup power creating an uninterruptible power supply
  • Silent power – ideal for overnight power
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