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Geotechnical Materials


Our well screens are available in uPVC, HDPE and Steel. PVC liners are available from a nominal diameter of 19mm up to 200mm, well liners are WRAS approved products under the water regulations advisory scheme BS6920.

Magnum Spill Buster

The Magnum Spill Buster is an automated free phase petroleum contamination pumping system. It is specifically designed to remove NAPL petroleum product from the water table via a 2" or larger diameter well.


We stock a range of Bentonite products that have proven to be extremely popular with a range of drilling and geotechnical engineering clients. All products are securely packed in 25kg bags.


Sure-Loc riser pipe for installation of submersible pumps in water wells utilises an innovative pipe work mating arrangement that makes the installation of borehole pumps much simpler and with less effort for the drilling contractor installing borehole pumps.

Filter Materials

To obtain an efficient well for groundwater monitoring or abstraction, an important consideration is the filter material surrounding the well liner. Filter materials are available either as natural silica sands or Glasmedia.

Protective Covers

We can supply water tight monitoring well covers, daisy covers, square well covers, upright steel covers and PVC flanged well head assembly. The water tight monitoring well covers are BS and EN rated.

Pumps and Pumping Equipment

A range of pumping equipment is available from Stuart Well Services to allow efficient sampling of groundwater. For shallow wells, up to 30 metres in depth, two options are available: Disposable Bailers and Whale Purging Pumps.


We stock many geothermal products, like ground source heat loops (single or double), standard HDPE manifold setup, pilot weights, glasmedia and bentonites. All our ground source heat loops are supplied with factory assembled and tested.


A piezometer tip containing a porous element is connected via rigid tubing to ground level. Piezometric pressure at the tip is indicated by the head of water which develops inside the standpipe tubing.

Caps & Bungs

We stock a large range of gas monitoring points and caps. Features include threaded caps and plugs, rubber bung methane points to 100mm, ball valves with metal hose tails, Tefan NW6 - LT2000 quick couplers.

Landfill Products

We are able to supply a range of products for site investigations, dewatering wells, leachate abstraction wells, water abstraction wells, soakaways and gas abstraction wells. All materials are manufactured to meet the requirements of ISO9001:1994.

Core Liners and Boxes

Our clear core liners for window sampling U100 (U4 Tubes PVC) are compatible with most window sampling core barrels. They are manufactured from clear UPVC in lengths of 1000mm with wall thickness of 1mm.


Our Clearline bailers use clear polyethylene which is so inert that the FDA approves its use for water and soft drinks. Put it together with HDPE top fittings and bottom valves and it becomes the clear choice for clear bailers.


Tape type meters fitted with audio and visual alarm with sensitivity adjustment potentiometer, complete with reel break. Available in 10, 15, 30, 50, 100 and 150 metre standards lengths.


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